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Illegal Of The Day Illinois 15

I got the BC, T mold chip at the convention 2011. It was with a number of illegals I got from one person.

BC chip was with 2 colors of the Greyhound Harp molds from Cicero, IL. Shades of Al Capone flashed through my mind. vbg Big Al is long gone by this time but his legacy and close associates linger on.

Info on Greyhound coming in a future “illegal Of The Day” post.

He only had 4 of the BC’s. I snatched one and told 3 other IL illegal collectors to get them as I had a hunch they were good ones. I think Mike, Rick, and David got there in time to get them.

The Taylor record card was disappointing. So much for that hunch! Very large orders 1952-57 but no real ID. Counter orders with (Barton) on the order. The Chicago outfit owned Taylor and lots of their boys orders were counter orders, some with no names on them. At least (Barton) was a starting place.

Sometimes research is easy, sometimes it is tough. This one was extremely tough! I had to email our two resident Chicago illegal experts John Binder and Dave Brown. Must have taken me 5 minutes. vbg

Special thank you, to both of you for great information sharing.

I gave our “Friend Of The Hobby” a break on this one. vbg

It is amazing how many people we have that are willing to share their information.

Enough of that:


Read on: My hunch was right. Still batting 100% on hunches. vbg

Barton Club
2316 S. Cicero Ave
Cicero, IL
Chips delivered 1952-57

Per Taylor records only 56 black $10 chips were made. Do we have a dreaded “R” word illegal chip? IMO, YES! Mike, Rick, and David owe me a commission! vbg

Here is some info:

There was a Barton Club in Cicero. May or may not be a connection to Bobby Barton who was Jack Guzik's body guard. I'll send more information later.

A Robert "Bobbie" Barton was chauffeur for Johnny Torrio...he was there when Torrio was shot ca1925. He was driving a car belonging to Jack Guzik. Barton was wounded in that incident. During Jack Guzik's tax trial a witness testified that the gambling profits were delivered to Bobbie Barton, Guzik's Barton was involved in the gambling operations for Jack Guzik and Capone.

Sylvester Barton was Bobbie Barton's brother and Al Capone's chauffeur.

Circa 1933 a Dan Barton was front/owner of record for the 100 Club, 100 E. Superior, Chicago.

From Taylor sales records:

"JMB", harp mold
Ted Svoboda, 2316 S. Cicero Ave., Cicero
300 chips in 1941
Is JMB Barton? Not sure

I don't have much on Barton Club, but I'm sending you some scraps that may mesh with what you can find out from other sources.

It's interesting that the name appearing on the "JMB" harp mold order, Ted Svoboda, was the police chief in Cicero back in the Capone era. There were some Barton’s that chauffeured for Capone gang, but none matching the initials on the JMB chip. A Dan Barton was owner or front man for the "Club 100"' a mob run night club and gambling spot downtown.


Note: Ex chief of police got chips delivered to the Barton Club address. Interesting.

I need this chip. If you have a trader, cough it up.

By 1955, 2316 address operated as "Steven's Grill"

Note: The new chief of police is now under fire for allowing gambling.
Barton Club is mentioned frequently in the article.

CICERO'S CHIEF FACES INQUIRY BY GRAND JURY. (1949, August 25). Chicago Daily Tribune (1923-1963),A9. Retrieved June 24, 2011, from ProQuest Historical Newspapers Chicago Tribune (1849 - 1987). (Document ID: 489667442).

FBI links the Barton Club to the Buffalo, NY Cosa Nostra crime family. Barton Club mentioned several times.

ROBERT WIEDRICH. (1967, October 14). Link Cicero, Eastern Mafia. Chicago Tribune

Photo showing the inside of Barton Club address, but it's well after the Barton Club era. It’s in the process of being demolished by police with axes.

(address appears on Barton Club matchbooks, date unknown)
Racing results by wire "ladies invited"
Pic of horse and jockey
On inside of cover: "John Polansky Smoke Shop", "2316 S. Cicero"

Saw this while I was looking for some Greyhound Club articles for you. You'll find the name that appears on the Barton Club chip order in this article.


The article mentions the former Chief of police Ted Svoboda that received chips at the Barton Club address and a 3rd Cicero chief of police under fire. I think that makes 3 in a row. vbg

300 witnesses, 38 indictments returned, 13 policemen and 25 gamblers/operators indicted.

All were thrown out by the judge except 1, the chief of police.

Tribune April 4, 1944

There is a lot of history here. Many big names in the illegal Cicero operations from the prohibition era on through 1967.

The Barton Club operated many years under a number of different names. Wait till you see how many different names The Greyhound Club operated under. vbg

History! You gotta love it!!!

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