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Scott, How is it that you feel Baylor shouldnt be

ranked in the top 20 when there are so many less deserving teams there.

3 losses all on the road with 2 being to top 10 teams and 1 to a team that was ranked at the time.
2 Wins against top 20 Ranked teams including

Now lets compare them to a team that is playing in a BCS Bowl.... Michigan who only played 2 ranked teams all year long. 1 win and 1 loss vs a ranked opponent and another loss to an unranked team.

THIS is a BCS team?

There are LOTS of questions within the bowl matchups and the rankings themselves. However with the record Baylor had this year I see no reason they shouldnt be ranked.

Now if you want to question how my team the Longhorns are still ranked...... You have a valid point as there is no way with 5 losses and no impressive wins that we should still be ranked.

Just my opinion,

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Ok, fess up ....
There was a game?? lol rofl
80 - Baylor should not be a top 20 team!
Scott, How is it that you feel Baylor shouldnt be
I agree Scott ...
Ov/Und was 79

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