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Re: Extra! Chip Chat Auction #25 - Part 1 - recent


Part II is being mailed today, tomorrow (or maybe yesterday) and should be to you shortly. Doug Saito, who run the Chip Chat auctions, doesn't like to put them on-line because it is easier for him to do it the way he always has done it, in hard copy format. He doesn't have the newest computer, his printer is ancient and his scanner is simply an archaeological find. So while it is probably easier for you to do it in a PDF format, Doug relies on what he always has done and what he knows how to do. He and his wife Pat place the copy and create the layout in some retired version of Quark Express, they then print out the pages with spaces for the chip images that he cuts and pastes (literally) onto boards which he then color copies for the final mailed out catalog. He also doesn't like to give control to anybody to do it for him either, I know as I have asked. If you sit down with him and ask him about it, he will give you 12 reasons why his way is "better" then the newer technology. None of it makes any sense to me, but he is convinced, and he is too old to change his ways. :-D

So, you just have to deal with his quirks and wait for your hard copy in the mail and then bid via, phone, or fax. OR, go the the auction on Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012 at the Gold Coast in Las Vegas, it is always very entertaining! :-)

Good Luck!
Todd Barrett
Ramona, CA

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Extra! Chip Chat Auction #25 - Part 1 - recent bids
Re: Extra! Chip Chat Auction #25 - Part 1 - recent
Re: Extra! Chip Chat Auction #25 - Part 1 - recent
Re: Extra! Chip Chat Auction #25 - Part 1 - recent
I Kinda' Get That Impression Too... grin

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