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Illegal Of The Day-Well Maybe Not vbg

The Super Bowl chip show is almost here again. I am looking forward to it. I have attended every Arizona Charlie’s chip show and have had good luck finding Illegals at the shows.

Last year I found the 2 numbered hubs in a Colorado collectors books. The only 2 what I thought to be Illegals in his books. The first thing that came to mind were the Detroit Illegals with numbers like the 14927 hubs. I was a little excited about getting the ID’s.

As it turned out they are not Illegals but Mason sample chips made in 1938.

I am posting these in the “Illegal Of The Day” series because like me, other collectors will find some sooner or later.

From the Mason records:
390 and 09876 are reserved for Mason & Co.
Samples made 1/6/38
1/2 and 1/2 no quantity shown.

They go with my Mason & Co lighter that was a gift from a special friend.

A little warning.
The 2 hubs were in flips, 20 pocket plastic pages, and 3 ring binders. About 25 pages to a binder. They were in the last page in the binder. The 09876 chip was broke, as was several chips on that page.

IMO, that is way too much weight on clay chips. A little dab of Super Glue took care of the problem. vbg

Happy New Year, to all chippers and their families.

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Illegal Of The Day-Well Maybe Not vbg
Always something to learn,Thanks
Thanks again for all of these "Illegals" posts grin

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