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Chipper's $1 Contest 33 Pool Winners!

The Vikings scored 33 points this weekend! The Redskins were the losing team in the game. So, that means that Steve Chiruck - Minnesota Vikings will be getting 180 $1 casino chips. And Fred Bergman - Washington Redskins will be getting 90 $1 casino chips.

Scroll down to see who you owe 9 $1 casino chips in NICE CONDITION to.

The 20 chippers below will mail out 9 CHIPS EACH to:

Steve Chiruck
25 Gilbert Street
LeRoy, NY 14482

Larry Taylor - Dallas Cowboys
Marc Shapiro - Miami Dolphins
Robert Smith - Denver Broncos
Steve Bedo - Detroit Lions
Steve Blust - Jacksonville Jaguars
Chris Borroff - Houston Texans
Richard Jezeski - Chicago Bears
Irwin Gross - New Orleans Saints
Andy Hughes - Atlanta Falcons
Michael Levesque - Philadelphia Eagles
Mike Downey - New England Patriots
Jay Sands - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jay Wriggins - Seattle Seahawks
Tarl Cooley - San Diego Chargers
Fred Lamb - Buffalo Bills
Bruce Kay - Cincinnati Bengals
Paul Biggs - Green Bay Packers
Eric Swort - Baltimore Ravens
Tommy Leggio - Kansas City Chiefs
Mark Rollo - Pittsburgh Steelers

The 10 chippers below will mail out 9 CHIPS EACH to:

Fred Bergman
338 W Arrow Hwy
Covina, CA 91722-1555

Dan Cooley - Cleveland Browns
Doug Johnson - New York Giants
Ralph Myers - Oakland Raiders
Kevin Aydelott - New York Jets
John Zoesch - Tennessee Titans
Allen Waterman - Saint Louis Rams
Don Covello - Indianapolis Colts
Scott Snider - Carolina Panthers
Todd Siegel - Arizona Cardinals
Jim Follis - San Francisco 49ers

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Chipper's $1 Contest 33 Pool Winners!
Thanks for doing this again this year, Andy grin
Re: Chipper's $1 Contest 33 Pool Winners!
Congrat's to winners Tks, Andy Chips in mail
Chips in the mail, Congrats!!

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