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The Chip Board Archive 21

Extra! 2012 ccgtcc Raffle Donations Added Extra!

These were all added to the raffle pool today courtesy of Matt Elliott.

Some great Aussie and NZ chips

Thanks Matt!!!!!

The donor list is growing and I got a few more packages in the mail today which will be posted over the next several days.

The raffle donor list now includes the following:

Donations received from:
Paul Hegge
Doug Smith
David Spragg
Fred Lamb
Michael Downey
Ricky Pushkin
Bill Wiegele
Jeff Willcox
George D.
Mark Britton
John Gentle
Jim Whobrey
Judy Wuerth
Steve Bedo
Bob Hiestand
John Zoesch
Matt Elliott
Charles Bianco
Derek Bistricky
Frank Steward
Robert "Smitty" Smith

Received Pledges for donations from:
Sheldon Smith
Gene Trimble
Reggie Gummer

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far and I will continue to scan items as they arrive.

For information on making a donation or purchasing tickets, please see my post linked below.

Thanks again for everyones support,

Copyright 2017 David Spragg