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for trade for sale A Page A Day for sale for trade

Good morning and Happy Boxing Day. Today's 20 are all face value chips...thanks for looking.

These chips are all face value. The usual p/h charges apply. 1-4 chips $1, 5-8 chips $2, 9-12 chips $3, 13-16 chips $4 & 17-over $5 Please email me direct for ALL orders, info and for special shipping costs. Checks, Cash & Money Orders are accepted. Pay pal accepted to my email. These chips are tradeable. MINIMUM ORDER IS $4
Quantities are limited. Order by casino name, #ed position on the page. (Examples: Row 5 Chip 1 or #17) My 1400+ traders are available at

I have not had any complaints about not showing the reverse or back of chips with two images. Most people are resourceful enough to go to the Chip Guide, Collection Library, or other Chip Info sites; of which picture images are available.
Everyone should know that I will furnish the opposite side that does not appear on the “Page A Day” image. You only need to send an email and identify the number of the chip you would like see the other side of.
In most cases, I should get it back to you on the same day.
If I only have one of the item requested it will be two images. If I have at least two, it will be sent with both images in the same scan.
Hope this helps some of you out.


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for trade for sale A Page A Day for sale for trade

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