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Frog City, Cairo, IL - arodie for sale

I purchased some chips last week from Cairo, Illinois. My favorite out of the group are from the Frog City Club on Route 5 on the outskirts of the town. It opened in 1940. I'm gathering info and will post as I hear more. Before this find, I have only known of one each of the arodie chips except for the $1 which I knew of 2 (one from Saito's auction last year sold for $400). Last week I found the following numbers:

6: $1 red, "Frog City", arodie (worn)
2: $5 blue, "Frog City", arodie (near mint)
9: $25 brownish-red, "Frog City", arodie (mint)
6: $1, red, "FC", horseshoe

I don't normally sell chips, but I didn't get these on the cheap, so I'm selling the extras. In my opinion they are worth much more than I'm asking, but I honestly have never felt comfortable selling chips to friends and I know people have other uses for their money these days.

A couple of notes: the $1 arodie chips are well used. I actually bought 9 of them, but 3 are so badly worn I don't feel comfortable selling them. The $25 are in beautiful condition which tells me this place wasn't a high-stakes establishment.

Price for the chips are such and is limited to 1 per person:

$1 red (worn) - $50/each
$25 brownish-red - $60/each

$1 red - $30/each

Send emails if interested.

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Frog City, Cairo, IL - arodie for sale
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