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Janice and Bruce Auction Update, High Bid Now $275

Dave Caulfield is the current high bidder at $275.

Scroll down to see all items included in the auction.

The items shown below are being auctioned with the proceeds going to the Museum Fund in memory of Janice and Bruce. The auction will end at 11:00PM EST on December 30, 2008. If you wish to bid please do so as a reply to this post or any update that I may post. I started the auction with a set of 14 Harrah’s Hot August Night chips. Bob Hiestand, Gene Trimble, Dennis Shoop and Makhi, Bruce and Donna Karli and Kevin Aydelott have generously added items to my original offer.

Bob Hiestand has added the 5 chips from the movie Oceans 11 and the card from the movie Oceans 13.

Since the bid has reached $150 or more Gene Trimble has added a pair of Palms Playboy 2nd Anniversary dice.

Dennis Shoop has added the Flamingo car set and his grandson Makhi has donated the Horseshoe chip shown below.

Since the bid has reached $200 or more Gene Trimble has added another item, The Palms Celebretity Poker Showdown $25 chip.

Bruce and Donna Karli have added the following 3 chips.

Since the bid has reached $250 or more Kevin Aydelott has added a $25 Carousel Casino chip.

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