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My last Splashbar visit

I was out in Vegas for my 41st birthday last October. About 1:00am, I sat down at a deserted Splashbar, put $20 in the machine, and got a beer from Nick. We chatted a few minutes as I played my first few hands. I got four to a Royal, but had done that several times earlier in the trip with no luck. Sure enough, this time I hit it! I cashed out, took a photo of the hand on my phone, tipped Nick well, and headed for the cage.

I had no idea that would be the last time I sat down at the Splashbar. It is a happy memory though!

Bring on South Point and some new memories!


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My last Splashbar visit
sad sad sad sad sad sad sad BUT
Cheers ! And we march into the future
vbg Here, Here!! vbg

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