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new release Diamond Jo, Dubuque,Ia new release

I know many people have asked about these new chips since they had their GO opening on 12/11. I'm looking at going on Monday. It seems to be the nicest day we have had in over a week. If anybody wants chips PLEASE E-MAIL ME AND DO NOT POST of what you want. Please limit your request to 2 chips per denomination a person. The following are the costs.

$1.00 chips $3 each
$2.50 chips $4 each
$5.00 chips $7 each
$25.00 chips $27.00 (special requests only)

If they have other denominations I will get them as well.

This includes postage. Do not send any money, just what you want. I want to be sure I can cover everyones request and also if the darn weather changes again I will not go. I dont collect to much anymore, so trading I'm not interested in.

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday season and I can get there and get some of those chips.....Pam

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new release Diamond Jo, Dubuque,Ia new release
Is this Todd Moyer's new place?

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