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Extra! Super Show Poker Players Extra!

There is a private poker tournament being set-up for you poker players that will be attending the Super Show in Las Vegas. Currently, there are fifteen or sixteen players (depending upon where we play) who have already "signed on". We are looking for two more to bring the total to at least eighteen players (two tables).

This is being set-up for 9:00PM on that Thursday night before the Super Show. The format is basically a live No Limit Hold 'Em Sit' N Go tournament. The buy-in will be $125 with pay-outs to the final three players (at least, I think it's three...). We've done this the past couple of years and it's been a fun time. I'd love to hold this at the Hard Rock's new "Poker Lounge" if I could only get someone to return an e-mail sad . If not there, then it'll be at The Venetian which has done a great job in the past with these.

If you are interested, please e-mail me as soon as possible. You must be a current ccgtcc member to participate. We have quite a motley crew of regular ChipBoard Wednesday night poker players already signed on, including Steve "Whaddya mean my three pairs don't beat yer three-of-a-kind?" Passalacqua & Jay "Not second AGAIN?" Sands. Join us for some BIG fun!! grin

Steve B

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Extra! Super Show Poker Players Extra!

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