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I call them,,,,,,
In Response To: The Start of a New Collection ()

the "Oh Me" book. lol Very nice,,,,,,, now look what you started. lol Before long now the waiter's & waitress's will have to bring the bills out on a paper towels. lol I hope they start stamping them too. lol Have a great night, Mark

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The Start of a New Collection
I call them,,,,,,
There called check presenters
Re: The Start of a New Collection
new or used
That Was Where My Wife Drew The Line
LMAO!!!! You all crack me up,,,,
Re: Too bad, look at what you're missing...
I Have Plans For One vbg
That should make Von's NNDOTD.
ahhh, the urinal cards vbg
We need to talk to Follis about a NNOTY award.
make that NNDOTY. vbg

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