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Extra! Chippers Football $5 Contest 33 Pool WINNERS

Baltimore Ravens - 33
Dallas Cowboys - 24

The Ravens scored 33 points this weekend! The Cowboys were the losing team in the game. So, that means that Stu Lovett - Baltimore Ravens will be getting 20 $5 casino chips.

And Kevin Aydelott - Dallas Cowboys will be getting 10 $5 casino chips.

Scroll down to see who you owe a $5 casino chip in NICE CONDITION to & drop it in the mail to them. Also, PLEASE READ When you send out a chip, make sure the chip is in good condition. The commissioner and I talked and I am pasting his comments....

"I have always said that they must be in "nice" condition. Of course that is subjective, but what I mean by it is that there is no damage to a chip. And something that someone would want to add to their collection. But, there is no way that a chip needs to be uncirculated or even in new condition."

Thanks everyone!

The 20 chippers below will mail out their chip to:

Stu Lovett
J.A.B.S. Management
9018 Balboa Blvd. # 613
Northridge, CA 91325

Jay Wriggins - Kansas City Chiefs

Steve Perry - Philadelphia Eagles

Jim Follis - Atlanta Falcons

Fred Hempel - Minnesota Vikings

Geri Hempel - Green Bay Packers

Fred Dekeyser - Jacksonville Jaguars

Susan Kozlowski - Cincinnati Bengals

Neal Silverman - New Orleans Saints

Scott Hartman - Seattle Seahawks

Ralph Meyers - Buffalo Bills

Phil Doroskio - Pittsburgh Steelers

Bob Orme - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Steve Blust - Tennessee Titans

Andy Hughes - Washington Redskins

Fred Bergman - New York Giants

Chris Borroff - San Diego Super Chagers

Mike Scholotterbeck - Detriot Lions

Doug Spear - New York Jets

Donna Walker - Houston Texans

Barry Hauptman - New England Patriots

The 10 chippers below will mail out their chip to:

Kevin Aydelott
920 Lands End Circle
St. Charles, MO 63304

Bill Purcell - San Francisco 49ers

Ross Poppel - Cleveland Browns

Michael Clemente - Carolina Panthers

Michael Downey - Chicago Bears

David Spragg - Indianapolis Colts

Fred Lamb - Oakland Raiders

Nate Pincus - St. Louis Rams

Tom Leggio - Denver Broncos

Tarl Cooley - Miami Dolphins

Jay Sands - Arizona Cardinals

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Extra! Chippers Football $5 Contest 33 Pool WINNERS
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