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"CrossRoads of Nevada"
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That's what it says on the coin cup from this Fernley place. First time I stopped there we were taking some poison down to Wellington. Used to park my rig over by the Silverado and stay at the Super 8. Couple of nasty places. Crossroads? Well northbound sure is bleak. I remember asking my dispatcher, "Empire? Where's Empire?" Near Gerlach he sez. Oh boy, there's an attribute! Delivered the brown goo to Empire and dropped down past Pyramid Lake (NOTHING to do w/Pyramid Hwy out of Reno!) and grabbed some trucker food at the Truck Inn, sat over in the "Professional Drivers" section you know. No chips anymore, just slots. I'm off the road now, a local yokel, but when I'm by there these days, I sit at the counter for breakfast because truckstop waitresses are pretty cool people, they've always got a smile and a kind word.

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A Lazy Day in Fernley...
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"CrossRoads of Nevada"

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