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Hey...I done goooood the last tourney...

at least for me vbg !! I believe my first tourney, I was gone before the first break; the second one, I was gone on the first hand after the first break rofl . I made it down to 24th or 25th or so this tourney...a marked improvement vbg !! Plus, I hung around to cheer YOU & Screwy Louie on!! grin Bedo

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for sale Stardust CIC $1 & $5 chips for sale
for sale Sahara Las Vegas $25 HCE mold for sale
(Message Deleted by Poster)
Re: for sale Palms Table 1 roulette set for sale
grin Thanks, Gene....and no, it wasn't me!! vbg
You were given them for participating
Whoops. "Participating". In you case I should
Hey...I done goooood the last tourney...
grin Golden Nugget & Palms roulettes are sold grin

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