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The Chip Board Archive 15


1. One-Washington
One Hundred-Franklin

2. Two, Washington D.C. and Fort Worth Texas

3. Twelve, listed by Number and Letter on the face of the note (A-L) & (1-12)

4. Hamilton- Statesman (most people miss this one)
Franklin- Statesman

5. Security Thread, Red & Blue threads in paper, Micro-Printing, Watermark, UV Coding, Paper & Ink composition, Color shifting ink… just to name a few

6. One-the word “ONE”
Two-Signing of Declaration of Independence
Five-Lincoln Memorial
Ten-The Treasury
Twenty-The White House
Fifty-U S Capitol
One Hundred-Independence Hall

7. Nothing.

8. Not really. We associate ‘paper’ with wood pulp of which there is none in money. Our money is made from 25% Linen and 75% Cotton (most is scrap and reject cotton from denim jean factories).

9. Martha Washington

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The $500 and $1000 still circulate at some ...
You mean to tell me that you guys in Texas don't
Re: You mean to tell me that THOSE ARE STILL GOOD?

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