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Extra! Chippers Breeders Cup Handicapping Contest

Hi All,

At about noon (EST) on Thursday, November 2nd, I will open up a free 2006 Breeders Cup Day Pool.

Here is how it will work:

1. CCGTCC members only.

2. Contest will be capped at 25 entrants.

3. There are 8 races, #3 thru #10 on the Church Hill Downs Card: 3-Juvenile Fillies, 4-Juvenile, 5-Filly and Mare Turf, 6-Sprint, 7-Mile, 8-Distaff, 9-Turf, 10-Classic. You will have $2 of virtual money to bet on each race. You can make a win (W), place (P), show (S), exacta (E), or trifecta (T) "wager" on each race. No boxing on the exotics. You MUST bet $2, and only $2 on each race. We will use the payouts at Church Hill Downs.

4. Whoever has the highest virtual money total at the end of the card will be crowned the Breeder's Cup Day Handicapping Champion and will receive the Palms $5 3 Chip Secretariat Set.

5. The runner-up will receive the single Palms $2.50 Secretariat Chip.

6. The first player to win 4 consecutive races will win the $25 Palms Secretariat Triple Crown Winner Chip. If you played an exotic, the horse you put on top will count as your choice for this segment of the pool. If two or more players tie, the contest for this chip will continue between these remaining players. If these remaining players do not pick the winner of the subsequent race, the player whose pick finishes highest in the order of finish will win the chip.

7. I will post a link to the Breeders Cup Web Page on Thursday, so you can look over the card. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN ANY PICKS UNTIL I OPEN THE CONTEST ON THURSDAY! I will post the protocal for making your selections on Thursday.

8. I am reserving one place in the pool for my 10 year old horse racing degenerate nephew J.D., aka Todd Pletcher Jr.

Lets see who the real handicappers out there are!!!!! Any questions, lemme know.....


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