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Scanning fluorescent chips
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It's the hardware, not the software, Jodi. If you have a scanner with the wrong kind of sensor, you will have poor results with fluorescent colors. I believe it's because the UV in the light activates the hot colors in the chips and overloads the sensor.

The reason your AIO will print external scans OK shows the problem is with the internal scanner, not in your printer.

I should have said that not all older scanners had the problem, but most of them did (even the more expensive HP's). You can still buy a cheap scanner that doesn't handle fluorescent dyes well, but most will... even the $100 ones. Best to try after you buy and return for a different brand if it won't do your hot-pink chips well.

My Epson 1670 does not have a problem. I've heard the more recent HP's work well also.

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Wedge, the chip is actually orange, but...
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I disagree with Don
Scanning fluorescent chips
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Because it's Arc Yellow? grin
I have the same problem Michael ...
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