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rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl

Greg is still hanging onto some hope & does not see that I have owned him this time around. vbg

There will be no "fine dining experience" though. It was not fair for Greg to have to bet 4 dinners this time, as we were only playing half as many tournaments. So, we bet the two dinners I still owed him. I'll be even & then get him for another couple of dinners during TRTTWSOP. That will start sometime in December.

You need to get your account back up & running for that! grin Andy - Las Vegas

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Congrats Todd!!!
vbg You picking out your fine dining experience?
rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl
Congratulations Todd !!!
grin Congrats... CRUSHED me like a bug.... grin
Stats are posted
Wow! Talk about lucky!
Back to Back
Hard to do? Norm you have made 6 final tables !
Andy Hughes has made 7 Final Tables! rofl
Re: Back to Back
Todd your a great Player! Congrats !
Re: Todd your a great Player! Congrats !

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