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NCR: Lighterman is bad luck for me! vbg

And im good luck for him.
Last month i went on a day cruise with mark and while hes sitting next to me i loose about $250. As soon as he gets up and walks away, i win it back. While he sits next to me he get trips 2 times on three card poker.
Tonight i call him and get him to go to Tampa Hard Rock with me. As usual i loose about $20. Mark on the other hand turns ONE DOLLAR in to $1000 in a slot machine!!
Mark is no longer alowed to be near me when i gamble and he must now pay me $20 an hour to hang out with him while he gambles!!! vbg

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NCR: Lighterman is bad luck for me! vbg
vbg vbg vbg
Myrna stated that she brought you good luck
Actually, did she tell ya about the experiment?

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