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Identifying these chips...

Hi, I ran across your website, very nice, and helpful, also, as I have a set of chips here that I had NO idea on. I was wondering if you could look at these, and give me any info about them, I inherited them, and have not got a clue about them.
I am enclosing the pictures that I have. The red and yellow are the same, same pattern, the black is a bit different. I have one box that has the Christy and Jones logo on it, that is the black box, the other two are just green boxes, no lables at all.
The red and yellow have a cursive "R" on the front, gold stamping, and there is like a cut diamond shape on the rim, from a mold listings I saw on a web site, I am guessing that this is the Squares in Circles, with the dollar amount on the back, no dollar sign on them (Red has 5.00, and the yellow has 1.00, also done in gold stamping). The black has a print "R" on the front, gold stamping, the hat and cane pattern on the rim, and there is a dollar amount with dollar sign on the back ($25.00, again in gold stamp).
I am guessing these are the Christy and Jones chips, because they are in that box. I was hoping that perhaps you had seen these chips at some point in time, and could let me know a bit about them.

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