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Need info on Maumee Club chips

Hi everyone! I'm new to this, so I would like to "pick your brain" if I could. I have some Maumee Club chips. Now, I DO know the Maumee Club was the one run in Toledo, OH by the infamous Purple Gang during the Prohibition era. Questions: Take a look at the picture of my chip(s) . . . It looks different than the ones I've seen on the web. First of all, pictures of the other ones have two black marks on the border and a large 5 in the middle. Since mine do not have any black marks and has the "$5.00"-is this significant and how much are these worth? And, what kind of material is this?? It doesn't seem like clay, but painted wood . . . is that possible?? Thanks a lot ahead of time!

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Need info on Maumee Club chips
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