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Wells NV..A Significant Historical Find...

I am a big fan of Wells Nevada and it's Gaming History. There have been several perplexing questions that I have been pursuing and one just got an answer without any doubt today.

There will be several fun posts below this of pictures and a couple really scarce trays. One sold for over $1000.00 and I don't think the market has ever been tested on the other one.


Rod Knight has always been associated with being the owner/operator of The Wagon Wheel in Wells. Fuller and the Gaming Table bear that out. I have been trying to place him as a concessionaire gaming operator at The Hotel Pequop's Elbo Room for quite some time. Deadend after Deadend, then todays mail brought this old Bingo Card from The Elbo Room with Rod Knight's name on it.

Gene and Peg Kaplan authors of the wells Gaming story in the last issue of the Club Mag sent it to me for helping getting their story published, not that I did anything, but thank you Gene and Peg.

To me this is a significant find that actually places Rod Knight at The Elbo Room.

Several other posts will show a few pics and a couple trays.

Enjoy this great history.

Thanks for looking,


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