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Chipboard Tip Vol 1.2

In order to help the new chippers out who read the board, I have come up with some helpful tips that the “new chipper” might not know. I plan to do this every day (sometimes twice a day).

The Chipboard is NOT owned by the ccgtcc.

Most of the money used to keep this site up and running comes out of Greg Susong’s pocket.

If you really are interested in selling on the Chipboard you can purchase a Banner Ad.

Advertising rates for regular banner ads are only $5 (16.5 cents) per month per unit of advertising. Each unit of banner advertising will display approximately 500 times each day. That works out to just 1 cent for every 30 times your ad is displayed!

There are many great chippers out there who have already purchased banner Advertisements, which helps the Chipboard stay up and running.

Please support the Chipboard and chipping community by dealing with these people WHO support the Chipboard and our hobby.


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Chipboard Tip Vol 1.2

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