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Re: Another Reason???
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My 2!

Since I have been coming here lately I have been getting more of the Casino/Gaming type emails but then again I do have two web sites for both of my hobbies (one for chips and the other for lottery tickets) and both do have my email address on them.

I haven't been to a porn site in 3 1/2 years and I get those every day, I get the drug emails, the mortgage emails, the credit emails, the check is waiting for you emails and the best offer emails everyday. How, beats me. I think it has to do with where do you visit on the internet. As soon as you click on another web site, bingo they got your email address.

I also visit other forums and I have another moniker on the Bravenet forums and from time to time I get emails for Dave/Stan.

don't be surprised if the Forum you visit isn't selling your email address too, not the moderator who runs the forum the company who provides that forum to them.

Its only my 2 on this subject.

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