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new release New Releases and ?? on Releases new release

No scanner here in Vegas yet but here are two releases I haven't seen posted yet or I just missed:
Caesars Palace has a new $5 and $25 for the opening of "Phase III" of the Forum Shops. Graphics the same on both chips but they're Caesars so I got 'em both vbg
The Rio has released their $5 Halloween chip "Trick or Treat". It's available at the cage.

On the same note, I follow the new releases as posted on Robert Reno's site plus I was recently supplied with a link that goes to the Nevada Gaming Commission also showing approved issues. My question is this.....If all chips need to be approved by the commission then why are they all not on the list as approved chips? Case in point, the Tropicana Halloween chip and these two I just posted from Caesars? I did not see these chips on either list. Maybe someone in gaming can answer my question????

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new release New Releases and ?? on Releases new release
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