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NCR - Web hosting advise...

Hello all:

I know a lot of you have your own web sites with your own domain name. I'm trying to secure a name and create a web site for a friend and I need some advise.

The domain name I want IS available. But last time I secured a domain name for myself, I did it through Then when I went to create my website I had all kinds of trouble (a lot of it is my limited web knowledge) getting a good priced webhosting service because they all wanted to do the Name and the Hosting as a package deal. Needless to say I said I'd deal with it later... that was about 4 years ago! :-)

I would like to do this one right, does anyone know of a good deal for registering a domain name along with a hosting service? The site would probably only be 6 - 8 "pages" mostly info with a few pictures. No database, no shopping carts, just informational.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Todd Barrett #5068

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