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Game 4 WORLD SERIES vbg $1 chips POOL

Game 4 - WORLD SERIES RedSox-Cardnals POOL - Wednesday 10/27

This will be a (2-$1 chips) pool to pick the winning team AND the total number of runs scored.

ANY NUMBER OF PERSONS CAN PLAY; the more the merrier...

The winner of the pool MUST guess the winning team AND have guessed the number closest to the total number of runs scored by both teams.

ie: "Red Sox - 9 runs total"

You must post your pick in the SUBJECT: box as a response to this message.. PLEASE MAKE SURE NO ONE ELSE HAS MADE THE SAME PICK... (only eariest post will be valid).

Each of the NonWinners will send the winner 2 different $1 chips in good condition. WINNER, PLEASE POST YOUR SNAIL-MAIL ADDRESS.


A simaler pool for slot cards will be posted on the Slot card Board:

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Game 4 WORLD SERIES vbg $1 chips POOL
BoSox - 6 runs total
Cardnals - 12 runs total
Is it just you & me???
Cards-8 Runs Total
St. Louis--6 runs total
Sox wins game & series 3-0 vbg Jane wins pool
Yaaaay!!! vbg

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