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Palmas Club Casino chips for sale

I recently acquired the remaining Palmas Club Casino chips from our good friends in Vegas (Spinetti's). I was able to do a bit of digging and find out a few interesting facts about them. I have had a few nice chats with Jim B from ASM and he was helpful in learning about the mysterious Palmas chip deal. These chips were made in 1990, please read more about them by clicking on the link below.

Though I am selling most of the 17000 pieces I received, I am interested in getting some of the denominations that I do not currently have in packs of 100 if possible. I plan on keeping about 1500-2000 of these for my personal collection.

If anyone has any leads on these that would be great. I know Spinetti's sold off about 11000 of these over the last year so someone out there has some to sell or trade.

Pretty soon I am going to outgrow the Dog-House the wife has relagated me too...

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Palmas Club Casino chips for sale
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