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Displays? (Unsolicited testimony) vbg

Well, Hotrod Fellman has done it again! I got a chip display from him some time ago and wanted another one, but this time I wanted something to display my 'weekly favorite' banknotes asked him to come up with something that would match my chip holders. The holders are SUPER (the pictures I took don't do them justice, but see below) If you want one... email: Richard Fellman (Think the look great? Wait 'tll he quotes a price.... you won't believe it)

This shows the chip holder (they look suspended in air) The front looks the same as the back so it can be displayed either way.

This is just one example of what else you can display with the note holder . . . cards, keys, pictures, you name it! Just place the item to display in between the two peices if plastic (or whatever the material is) then tighten the screws. Just that simple!

This is the single note holder size. The watermark and UV marking show in the display too. Now ol' Dirty Fingers handle at my favorite note I have on display without worry.

This is the double. (I slid the display off the base just a little so you could tell how it rests in the slotted base).

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Displays? (Unsolicited testimony) vbg
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