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Re: Tell E-Bay what you want
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I went to this link and wrote in with suggestions for sub categories for them to consider. Here's what I sent and here's the link for others to send the request to .
"Hi I am a member of a large group of casino chip collectors who buy and sell in large numbers through e-bay. The problem we are having is with this category
We are requesting that ebay split this into several sub categories. The biggest problem is that this category always has 4000 to 5000 listings and there is a lot of home poker sets listed. For the collector looking for one or two chips to fill his/her collection it takes a ton of time to search through all the listing. There are several types of chip categories that sellers would like to see. here is a list for consideration.
Obsolete Casino Chips
Current Casino Chips
Limited Edition Chips
State of Nevada Chips
Home Poker Sets
Antique Poker Chips
Jetons and Plaques
I thank you in advance for your consideration with this matter"
click "suggestions" then click "whats on ebay now" them click " suggestions submissions categories

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Obsolete for eBay listings.
How about a "RARE" catagory? vbg
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