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Chip Off the Old Block's November specials

Happy Halloween !!

The November specials at Chips Off the Old Block are all pictured below. Here is the list:

Golden Nugget (LV) - Poker Room NCV's
BO Club $1 - Waldport, regon
Joe's $1 - Gerlach
Tahoe Nugget - 2 Different Roulettes
BPOE 92 (Seattle) - 6 Different Chps
Sands (LV) - Tourney Set of 3 (Only 200 Sets Made)
Jailhouse (Ely) Set of 4: 50c, $5, 2 Diff. 25's
Meeks Bay Resort - Obsolete Set of 5
Harrah's Tahoe - NCV Set of 4
Harvey's Tahoe - 2 Different Large Key $5's

Just click on "This Month's Specials" in the upper left part of your screen.

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