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The Chip Board Archive 05

looking for Canadian $2.50's

Come on all you Canadian club memebers help me out to get some of these please, Im not above begging.

1.)dynasty casino--yellow wreath mold
2.)kings casino--pink paulson
3.)oasis casino services--pink paulson
4.)raisin room--tan wreath mold
5.)sheraton casino halifax--bud jones pink
6.)supreme casino--three crowns drk blue
7.)taj mahal toronto--wreath mold (yellow,grey and red)
8.)castaways casino--pink paulson
9.)casino de charlevoix--blue grasset mold
10.)bj games--pink paulson
11.)casino consultants toronto--yellow bud jones
12.)casino royale gaming sup--blue bud jones
13.)de anza hotel--purple cards mold.

thanks all for looking.

Copyright 2020 David Spragg