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There goes the neighborhood...
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James wrote:
Great house. I like those old ones. What year?

I have no clue... but "old as dirt" may work vbg
But it's a neat neighborhood... a large Victorian on the next block just went on auction at a starting bid of $335,000. sad OUCH!!!!!!!

And yeah - I could sure use a million bucks 'bout now too - or second income rofl
Still waiting John Zoesch to clear things with his wife since I DO DO WINDOWS vbg

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ok... I'm moving sad
Re: ok... I'm moving sad
What really stinks is...
Cool house! grin
Well here's a little local history...
Re: ok... I'm moving sad
Hey! I gotta an address... vbg
Re: ok... I'm moving sad
There goes the neighborhood...
Re: You better be nice to me or......

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