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Are they 1997 Playoff ...
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... First & Ten or Absolute chip shots, Dick?

If you're not familiar with them, they are plastic:

First & Ten come in three basic colors (red, green & yellow) and the inlays have white backgrounds. The basic set has 250 chips. Commons catalog for 40-50 cents; stars up to $10-12 each.

Absolutes also come in three colors (black, blue & red) and the inlays have silver backgrounds. There are 200 of these in the basic set. They catalog about 25% higher than the First & Tens.

There are also some unnumbered versions of the Packer players from the First & Ten set and a few samples with different photos than the regular chips.

If this is what you have, post or email me a list. I am trying to put together a complete set of all players in all colors. I also have more than 2000 duplicates, so would be willing to trade.

----- jim o\-S

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