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The Chip Board Archive 05

Red Cross Auctions A little bit of everything! 30 minutes.. Red Cross Auctions go! Do I hear $300? vbg

The high bidder is Jill Bitner at $250! grin

This will be the second to last auction I will be doing. I had planned to go through October & it looks like I'll be hitting that time frame right on the nose. Thanks again to EVERYONE who has donated items & bid on & won auctions. It's a GREAT group of people we have here! grin

The ENTIRE final bid goes to the American Red Cross to help out in Washington DC & New York.

We'll start with the 11 chips below donated by Sue Campiglia! A NICE group of chips.

Then we have the Nevada Chip Frame donated by Richard Fellman of Rich Displays with a value of $75. These limited edition frames were made for Harrah's in Reno. (Chips NOT included)

Last but not least we have a pair of 12 chip Marquee Frames with green inserts. A $60 value donated by Christopher Colangelo of Tiny Treasures!

The auction ends TONIGHT at 8:P.M.

As of 7:30 P.M. Sunday the high bid is $250!

Jill Bitner $250

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