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Identification on a Covington Ky. chip

Some time back about a year or so I guess I Ran across some chips in a local antique shop, they were red , with a lazy diamond mold and had "709" one side, and "either "EC" or "PC" on the other side. I asked the person who had them for sale if he knew anything about them and he told me all he knew was that the woman he bought them from told him that they were from a place in Covington, Kentucky. So like a lot of new chip finds go, I was thinking it was just another dead end. But a few weeks ago I ran across a couple of match packs that just may shed some light on the chips. They were both from the 709 Club / Press Club, which would explain the "PC" on the back of the chip.

I went to the library and looked it up in the old city directories, and it appears that it opened around 1951and was called the Press Club up until 1960 when it became the New Press Club and went under that name until 1984 when it went out of business. The address of the Club was 709 Scott St. Covington, Ky. The called the people that were listed as the owners, but they are deceased. The closest I came was the owner's brother which told me that they had card games (poker) and slot machines, but he can't remember what the chips looked like.

I attached a picture of the matchbooks and chip at the end of this post. The first matchbook is blue and has "709 Club" on one side and "Press Club" on the other side. The other book is black and has "remember the Press Club" on it. The matchbooks list it as having "beer, liquor, sandwiches" and "mixed drinks" This doesn't prove that the chips are from there, but it kind of adds up. As far as the chips go I have 9 extras that I would be willing to trade or sell, I am asking $15 each for the chips, the matchbooks are not for sale.

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Identification on a Covington Ky. chip
Good work Dave.

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