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Service - The Important Variable

To All,
Las Vegas is undergoing a transition. A transition which will create a lasting impression upon first time vistors, frequent vistors and locals alike. What is this transition you ask???

The elimination of "people" who perform services.
The firing, or nicer term "laying off", of individuals who have given labor at minimum wage plus tip in return for a "job". The reason for this elimination of employees is so the corporate bottom line may show a better profit or return on investment.

In my opinion, this is a serious mistake the Nevada casino industry, specifically Las Vegas, is making.

A slot machine is a slot machine is a slot machine. A blackjack table is a blackjack table is a blackjack table. The point made is the primary variable that seperates one casino from another, putting aside ridiculous "things" like rollercoasters, is service. Service is the element that separates one "joint" from another. Customers ,tourists and locals alike will ALWAYS go back to the casino/hotel that gives them service.

I do not believe I would get much of an arguement from anyone that Las Vegas was built upon markers (credit play) and service, Attractions like white tigers,an art gallery,or what have you may get the customer into the casino/hotel. However, it will take "service" to keep that customer coming back. Customers will always go where they are treated well.This is just common sense.

An old friend who is now deceased once told me the following story. I asked him what was the difference between Las Vegas of old and the Las Vegas of today. He said "A few years back the Sahara had a restaurant named the House of Lords. When customers went to the House of Lords they were treated like VIPs even though they were not. Today regardless of the restaurant VIPs are treated like everyone else - poorly".

The learning point to my friends story was service. Only "people" can provide service. The more over built Las Vegas is the keener the competition. It is beyond me why casinos would employ fewer individuals to provide less service. The very item or variable that builds repeat business IS service.Without service one casino is no different from another. I don't know about you but me I never got a smile from a bill exchanger.

If this industry doesn't wake up and begin treating its main asset - people - differently. It will not have to worry about building that new tower,It will not have any customers to put into it.

Have a nice day! Best, Jim

Copyright 2020 David Spragg