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Page-A-Day Calendar Idea

I was tearing off yesterday's page from my Antiques Roadshow Page-A-Day calendar when I began to wonder if any such calendar has ever been produced for casino chips. If you haven't seen what I'm talking about, it is a desk calendar that has a different page for each day (Saturday and Sunday combined on one page), and each page features a photograph and some written information about the subject of the photogaph. The pages are about 4 by 5 inches and the holder is designed so the calendar can also be hung on the wall. Workman Publishing puts them out with different subjects (cats, dogs, Bible verses, jokes, etc). Workman also does special editions. I know we have enough folks who would be willing to contribute scans of chips and printed information on the chip and casino history if there was enough interest in putting such a calendar together.
Has this been done or attempted before? Does anybody else produce a casino chip calendar? I know it's probably too late to do one for 2002, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on starting to compile one. Would you buy one? How much would you be willing to pay for one? I've requested cost information from Workman, so I'll let you know if the cost will be too great to make it a practical idea.

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Page-A-Day Calendar Idea
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