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Here is some more information on the Brook Club. I do not know the nature of the chip as there was no scan. But if the inlay that I have then I seriously doubt that it came from the Rothstein club. Instead it would have come from a area club closed in the 1960's or '70's.

This clay chip red inlay "BC" is from the Brook Club, Church St. in Saratoga, New York. The Brook
opened in 1921 and was owned by Arnold Rothstein, who would later have the claim-to-fame as being
the man behind the fixing of the "Black Sox" world series. The original Brook Club was knownas the
place for big-time gaming in those days. Gamblers such as "Subway" Sam Rosoff made the Brook
famous for big stakes games. City Poice were put on duty to screen potential patrons. Big stakes such as
Subway Rosoff being up $400,000.00 one evening and Rothstein having to contact a friend for
$300,000.00 to cover it. By the time the cash was on hand Rosoff had lost it all and gone down
$100,000.00. Another famous gambler "Nick the Greek" reportedly lost a hand of poker to Rothstein in
the amount of $605,000.00. Also Charles Stoneham owner of the New York Giants once lost $70,000.00
in roulette, the catch it was done over the phone !!!!! I'll include a marker "100" from Riley's Lake House
I obtained from the Saratoga Illegal Casino auction on Bunny Farone's Meadowbrook Farm in 1996. High
bidder please include $2.00 s/h. Paypal accepted

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