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Update For Murph and the Rest of the Chip Gang!


Everything is now in the hands of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. The forms were sent out via Priority mail on September 20th after I received urging from my fellow chippers to start the process and not wait for all of the checks to clear my bank and Archie Black's assurance that if anyone stiff me financially he would take care of it.

So now it's just a matter of playing the waiting game, According to the Nevada DMV it takes 6 to 8 weeks for everything to get done and shipped. Remember They have to submit a work-order to the Nevada Department of Corrections who actually create the plates and who will issue a work order to the shop, that will most likely go into a pile until they can get to it.

I should mention that I was told by the woman at DMV that 6 to 8 weeks is the minimum and that it could take longer depending on the amount of REAL plates they have to produce before they can get to the souvenir plates.

Just to be safe and to give assurances to everyone I will call the Nevada DMV tomorrow and make sure that they did receive my order and that it is in the processing stage, because I've gotten a bit paranoid myself especially since the U.S. Postal Service has gotten all screwed up with these Anthrax contamination scares.

Please have patience remember we're dealing with one federal agency and two Nevada state agencies and we all know that government run agencies are the slowest thing on earth.

I sincerely apologize to everyone here for not posting an update but between having to cope with what happened on September 11th, My job, My position in my community as an elected official and a few assorted family crisis I guess the license plates were the last thing I was thinking about, So Wayne thanks for the kick in the head and reminding me.

== Rick ==

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Update For Murph and the Rest of the Chip Gang!
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