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Re: Allan, It is Cream N7851 *M-

My 2nd edition "Official Price Guide" came out a year ago September.
Some Village chips have been found.

Also Horseback & Fisherman are not the high rarity so the value has dropped.
These & other colors, mostly red, with some blue's coming out from several sources have changed many rarities so therefore prices have fallen in the last 2 years. It is hard to value these but I can tell you what I have some at: All cream.
Horseback, small chip $60
Sailboat, XF, nice, $70
Fisherman, Real nice $90. this is still somewhat rarer. All have some use. Cleaned.

The rare ones are still the small key molds. Everyone needs those & they would command a premium of several hundred still.

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Allan, It is Cream N7851 *M-
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Thanks James!

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