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Red Cross Auctions We are at $250! Do I hear $300? grin Red Cross Auctions

Josephine Bingham is our high bidder at $250! grin

A little bit of everything to make up a NICE lot! As soon as we get to $300 I'll add MORE!

The ENTIRE final bid goes to the American Red Cross to help out in Washington DC & New York.
I'll pay the postage.

The Peoples Choice first issue chips the $1, $5 & $25 These three chips combined list for $225 in The Chip Rack! They are donated by Jim Episale!

The Hollywood Park Year of the Dragon set consisting of the $1, $2.50, & $8 chips with only 333 sets made AND the Four Queens set of 2 $5 Year of the Dragon chips AND the Hard Rock Millennium 2000 $5 chip all donated by Ron Piltzer!

A very nice group of 8 chips below donated by someone who wants to remain anonymous!

The BIG TEX button & the .50 & $1 chips AND the $5 Grand Opening Chip all from Kickapoo Lucky Eagle in Eagle Pass, Texas. Donated by Mike Poole!

A $5 chip donated by Josh Shore! Keep it (the best move grin) or use it as a $5 credit on his Web site.

Last but not least we have a Black 20 Chip Frame with Gold trim and green insert. (Value $40) Donated by Christopher Colangelo of Tiny Treasures!

The Auction ends on Tuesday at 8:00 P.M. Pacific time.

As of 11:30 A.M. Saturday the high bid is $250!

Josephine Bingham $250
Victor Salnicky $150

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Red Cross Auctions We are at $250! Do I hear $300? grin Red Cross Auctions
I WILL TRY AGAIN $275.00 rofl
Red Cross Auctions We are at $275! I'll add more at $300! Red Cross Auctions

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