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NCR - Life in Lower Manhattan

For the first time since September 11, I visited lower Manhattan today. Canal Street crosses Manhattan from east to west about 2 miles from the southern end of the island. Traffic is still severly restricted south of Canal Street. Commercial traffic is permitted, but only at a couple of the dozens of north/south streets. All the rest of the streets are closed, barricaded and constantly manned by the police and the national guard in combat uniforms. Passenger cars can only enter lower Manhattan on one street and that is only to get on to the Brooklyn Bridge. I have never seen so many police, fire, emergency and other official vehicles in my life. I am talking about 100's if not 1,000's. And I was still about a mile from ground zero. There was a constant sound of sirens as these vehicles moved about. It seems that those who work in the area were somewhat numb to the situation. It was quiet and orderly and it appears that when in the area, it is not possible to have a sense of humor. There is tension and perhaps a general feeling of: What is going to happen next? Why us God?

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NCR - Life in Lower Manhattan
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