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Chip Rack mistake ?

Hello to all (limited edition) chip collectors.

I did not get any respons on my question that I posted a couple of months ago, about the Imperial Palace 1997 Football chip.

As I mentioned before, the Chip Rack mentiones two variaties on this chip
N8639 that says: "Jan 26th 1997" and
N8637 that says: "Jan 26 1997"

I have the first one, so the Chip Rack must be right about this chip. However, Iím not sure anymore about the second one. Is there a second variaty, or is the Chip Rack wrong about this one?

Thanks and greetings, Gait

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Chip Rack mistake ?
Re: Chip Rack mistake? Yes!!!
Don't forget those Laughlin Dry Heats grin

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