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Not yet Neal
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But the ole Pony Express in Prescott tends to throw a shoe or whatever from time to time...
and UPS just dropped off a box that I haven't opened yet. If you sent it UPS - I'd say yes. If you sent USPS - not yet.

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Archie - Glossary Terms
Re: Archie - Glossary Terms
Re: Archie - Glossary Terms
Neal, your "checks" bounced! Looks like...
Re: Cheque Again .. not a dup
Uh oh Archie....
Re: Uh oh Archie....
Not yet Neal
Yup - it was the UPS
R2, I want my chip! vbg
Sorry, Neal! They ARE the same......
Andy, thanx!
Re: Andy, thanx!
Re: what does Andy know grin
Neal wrote.........
When I click the links ...
Re: Neal wrote.........
Neal, everybody knows better than...
I am guilty
I am guilty
I am guilty
Re: I am guilty-And
Re: I am guilty-And
>> Who needs Reilly? << grin

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