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Re: The lawyer is breaking my heart.....

From the newspaper article:

"Watkins (lawyer), described Morse (hit & run drunk driver killer), as a "slow learner" who would not survive in jail because of his mental weakness.

"This gentleman can't afford to be doing any jail time," Watkins said. "He's not capable of surviving in that environment."

In Morse's three (let me repeat...THREE) previous DUI charges, Watkins added, no one was injured. Watkins expressed sadness at news of Saturday night's incident."

Yea.........this really breaks my heart. Next thing you know, he'll be made out to be the "victim" here. If jail time will keep this low-life from getting behind the wheel drunk again & killing someone be it. "Can't afford to be doing any jail time" the lawyer said......Well Hell's Bells, the dead woman can't afford to be dead either!!! %$$@#%^$#$^&)

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